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What is a Photo Pamper Party?

A photo pamper party is designed for Girls aged 5 - 11 years and takes place at our lovely studio & pamper suite and is a 2  hour session  during which the birthday girl & all of her guests receive a makeover together with both individual & group professional photo shoots! We create a ‘party like’ atmosphere with disco music, lights, balloons & banners, games and lots of fun!

How many children can attend?

our package is for up to 10 girls (inc birthday girl)

What sort of makeover will my child receive?

WE DO NOT cake your little one in thick makeup and turn them into an american pageant queen! We apply a light age appropriate makeover, with glitter spray, gems, lip gloss, eye shadow etc. we also curl or wave their hair & add a tiara! We may paint their nails too!

 What should my child wear?

If possible, we ask that both the Birthday Girl and her guests arrive in casual wear (for the warm-up & test shots) but bring a change of clothing such as a dress or skirt & top (or chosen party outfit) which they can change into during their ‘makeover’. We have private changing facilities.

Do you provide food & drinks?

We provide only light refreshments during the party, typically juice & cookies. However you are free to bring along any other sandwiches/nibbles etc. that you would like.

Can I bring a Birthday Cake?

Yes we would encourage you to bring a Birthday Cake, as we like to take group shots and include the cake, banners & balloons!

Can I stay with my child during the party?

We can accommodate only about 2-3 parents during the event in addition to our 3 staff members & guests and the nature of the event, So please liaise with the party organiser and/or other parents.

Can I take photos on my phone?

Some parents like to take photos on their phone or tablet during the event which is no problem at all. We do however ask that these photos are limited to the lounge & pamper parlour areas of our studio. We ask that no photos are taken in the ‘actual studio’ area as flashes etc, on these devices will interfere with our studio equipment. 

What happens after the Photo Party?

Following the party all the photos are uploaded to a secure gallery where each parent can choose their free print of choice from the entire gallery. Upon leaving the party, each guest will receive a party bag which contains a letter for each parent. This letter tells them when and how to order their free print.

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